We closed our gallery in November 2020, not due to the Plandemic, but owner’s personal choice. Thanks for 6 years to our artists, employees, and customers!

The Forgotten Coast’s finest Art. Featuring artists of NW Gulf Coast Florida’s Franklin County and the surrounding areas.

Katie Dobson Cundiff-Am I Blue
Bill Davidson “Awakening”
Ken DeWaard “Lighthouse Keeper”
Lynn Wilson – Sea Shack
Morgan Samuel Price - "On the Waterfront 2" - 9x12" Oil/Linen Panel - 2013
Morgan Samuel Price – “On the Waterfront 2″ – 9×12” Oil/Linen Panel – 2013
Art, Jewelry, Decor, Gifts
Bill Farnsworth “St. Patrick”
Keith Martin Johns
Bill Farnsworth-The Hoist
Forgotten Coast en Plein Air
Antique: Brass tea caddy Samovar, Russia, Czar Leopold, $750
Antique: Brass tea caddy Samovar, Russia, Czar Leopold, $750
Furniture, Art, Jewelry, Decor, Gifts
Craig Reynolds-Angela
Marylou Athorn
Antique: Coal storage, England, 1800's, walnut & brass, $595
Antique: Coal storage, England, 1800’s, walnut & brass, $595
Home Decor
Ken DeWaard “Seafood Market”
Brett Weaver “Ft. Coombs”
Furniture, Art, Jewelry, Decor, Gifts
Lynn Wilson “Blue Bayou”
Antique: Wine storage, Ship Captain's, England, 1800's, oak & brass, $690
Antique: Wine storage, Ship Captain’s, England, 1800’s, oak & brass, $690
Nicholas Oberling – “Levy Rd. Sunrise” – Oil/Panel ~16×20″ $650
Pamelot ceramic jewelry
Joseph Palmerio – Muhlenbergia Burst
Debra Nadelhoffer "Marsh Song" Oil on Linen Panel $949
Debra Nadelhoffer “Marsh Song” Oil on Linen Panel $949
Art, Jewelry, Decor, Gifts
Charles Sawyer-mighty-apalach
Forgotten Coast en Plein Air
Lynn Wilson – Scipio Shrimpers
Art, Jewelry, Decor, Gifts
Jane Chapin “St. Georg Lighthouse” $599
Art, Jewelry, Decor, Gifts
Dawn Whitelaw “St. George Bridge”
Katie Dobson Cundiff “Boatyard Beauties” – Oil/Canvas – May 2013 – Carrabelle, FL – $2750
Katie Dobson Cundiff “Boatyard Beauties” – Oil
James Richards “Sandy Lane”
Furniture, Art, Jewelry, Decor, Gifts
Kathleen Denis-Apalachicola Seafood Co, $700
Debra Nadelhoffer

On the Waterfront Gallery is located in the Northwest Gulf Coast of Florida in the seaside town of Apalachicola, noted for its fresh oysters. Established in 2000 by Artists Lynn Wilson and Alice Jean Anderson (Gibbs), the gallery was originally located at the Historic Montgomery Building on the corner of Ave E and Market Street. In October 2014 the gallery re-opened in a new 6,000 square feet headquarters at 117 Market Street.

The art gallery is dedicated to the fine arts of the Forgotten Coast Panhandle with its pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes of marshes, rivers, sunsets, working waterfronts of oystermen and shrimp boats and charming historic buildings and antebellum Victorian homes. All of this is represented by over 40 select artists working in 2D mediums of oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel (and affordable reproductions on canvas & paper); sculpture, wood, jewelry (and more), with over 250 works of art. We are considered by many to be the best art gallery in Apalachicola, FL.

On the Waterfront Gallery is home to the private collection of Forgotten Coast en Plein Air, America’s Great Paint-out Master Artists such as Morgan Samuel Price, Donald Demers, Katie Dobson Cundiff, Bill Farnsworth, James Richards, Mary Erickson, Diane Scott and more. Hi-lighted as well are the works of Keith Martin Johns, noted artist of Florida’s coastal landscapes. We also feature local and regional artists such as Ed Springer, Pam Corcoran, Pam Bond (aka “Pamelot”), Marylou Athorn, Linda Clark, Carla Parris, Tracy Foutz-Hunt, Leila Shuffler, John Spohrer, Alice Walker, and Lynn Wilson.

The art gallery also represents the Franklin county local Artists of Apalachicola Association (AAA), which supports the local arts community with many events; an annual members show, workshops, and scholarships, among others. On the Waterfront Gallery features not only the art of the “Forgotten Coast”, but also gifts, cards, jewelry, furniture and decorative accessories all related to this beautiful paradise.

Come visit us at:
On The Waterfront Gallery – Unique Fine Art of the Forgotten Coast
117 Market St.
Apalachicola, FL 32320

We are located just up (NW) Market St., from the main intersection (Market & Avenue E), second shop on right, diagonally across from Apalachicola Seafood Grill.


Owner Lynn Wilson is the founder of the Pastel Society of Apalachicola (PSA), the Artists of Apalachicola Association (AAA), and a founding member of the Gulf Alliance for Local Arts (GALA). She is a director on the Apalachicola History, Culture, and Arts Board, a board member of the Franklin County Education Foundation and is a member of the Franklin Cultural Arts Council, as well as a board member of Viscaya Museum and Gardens (Miami, Florida) for 20 years.

[Lynn Wilson’s Art website has moved to http://lynnwilsonartist.com/.]